Yo-One Sutter's great strength is his eclectic collection of music over fifteen years old. His hoard now consists of titles from all over the world, enabling him to adapt to all kinds of different places, times and scenes. From Soul to 70's Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, or Electronic Music, his DJ performances are guaranteed to take you to places you’ve never been to before.

Originally from the south of France, Yo-One settled in the Caribbean in 2006. His various travels around the islands enriched his musical culture and gave him a chance to share his extraordinary artistic universe across the globe.

A first EP "Brand New Day", created under the name of "The Hinge Project" (Florent F & Yo-One Sutter) and in collaboration with Mandel Turner, from Brooklyn, was released in May 2015 under the English label ISM Records. A second EP "El Coco" was re-released, in August 2015 under the label "Kat Records".

He was artistic director of the Bonito St Barth restaurant for six years, where he created his own musical stamp, and founder of the "Music and Sound" agency in 2015, which specialised in sound broadcasting, music production and booking artists. "Music and Sound" was sold at the end of 2017.

It was in January 2018 that a new adventure began in the French capital for Yo-One Sutter. He is currently performing in various establishments in Paris, sharing his power of adaptation and innovation with a large and ever more demanding audience.

New projects under its own label Sutter Recording are due to be launched in 2019. Stay tuned....